We elevate communication to create meaningful change

Creating meaningful change

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For over a quarter of a century our focus has been on one thing – the audience

Through support and challenge in equal measure, we’re here to help you elevate your communication. By offering different perspectives and focusing things through a creative lens we work to inspire and engage audiences with stimulating and meaningful experiences.

25+ years of experience
We have been supporting clients with their communications, meetings and events needs since 1994.
Supporting four continents
Our offices are located to match the geographies of our clients' needs: APAC, EMEA and the Americas. Our hubs are Basel (CH), Cambridge (UK), Toronto (CA) and Singapore (SG).
Multiple perspectives
Our team is made up of multiple nationalities. We work in the languages of our clients and view challenges from a mutli-cultural perspective.
250+ projects in 2021
Many of our current relationships date back more than a decade. During 2021 we delivered over 250 projects, meetings and events, big and small, across the world.

our purpose is clear – we elevate communication to create meaningful change

Successful partnerships are based on shared values

We are firmly grounded in our values. They are our guiding principles as we work together with each other. They have and continue to form the foundation for success.

  • Creativity

    Creativity is at the core of everything we do to seek understanding and provide you with inspirational and engaging solutions. We leave no stone unturned when tackling complex issues or addressing specific challenges. We always keep an open mind and remain constructive to effectively managing change.

  • Authenticity

    By being true to ourselves means our advice and our work is honest. Honesty is the platform upon which we build trust. The trust we have between each other and the trust we build with our clients and partners is one of the most valuable assets we can bring to our work.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork is essential to everything we do. Good ideas can come from anywhere, but when they are challenged, crafted and delivered by a team, they become even stronger. For every project we undertake, we make sure we have the right team in place. That's why when we talk about relationships we always focus on partnership.

Our collaborative approach enables us to fully understand you, your people and your objectives to create truly memorable experiences

By organising ourselves in small dedicated project teams to exchange and build on ideas, we help elevate your communications to inspire, motivate and engage your audiences. As extended members of your internal team, we ensure there is clarity of direction and stimulating co-creation and that we have our finger on the pulse.

we combine purpose, people and partnership to provide the audience value

How we help


Clarity of purpose

Working closely with you, we will help to clearly define objectives, rigorously explore opportunities and outline the end-to-end employee journey. We design a differentiated and meaningful event experience, aligned to deliver your business objectives and meeting outcomes.

Clarity of purpose = Clear direction


Motivating people

We believe the key to motivating people is to build positive energy throughout all our audience experiences, to craft the right balance of content and interaction. From inspiring thought leadership talks and compelling video narratives to team energisers and team building activities, we help you find the right combination.
People motivate each other. By creating dedicated time and space for the audience to interact, spark with one another and connect together, we can generate energy and team spirit which drives people to work better together, to think around problems and share ideas. Co-creating for better outcomes.

Team energy = Motivation


A sound partnership

We believe a great team chemistry with you, creates stronger outcomes. The energy in designing and developing a meeting experience is as important as it is in the live event experience itself. Our most successful meetings have come from a great collaborative client partnership, from ideation through to delivery. We pride ourselves on our teamwork and our ability to naturally and seamlessly fit as an extension of your team.

Team chemistry = Success


The value we bring

We listen, we share insight, we push boundaries. We work closely with your teams to develop and shape meetings and events further by layering our audience centered expertise with your team's knowledge. We enhance and elevate content, communication and delivery. From top line agenda to the finer details, we ensure the meeting flow is seamless, speakers are comfortable, confident and well-rehearsed and the audience is set for a great journey of engagement.

Audience centric = Value

A feast for the senses