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Developing as a leader is more than just knowing your business objectives

Empowering leaders to lead


Anyone in a leadership role has an obligation to raise their leadership skills to the highest standards. This requires taking risks, making mistakes and experiencing discomfort. The ultimate goal of leadership is to create other leaders and it's only with effective communication that this can be achieved.

We work with leaders, either one-to-one or in teams, to provide practical guidance to improve leadership communication and achieve sustained behaviour change.
Our coaching programmes combine theory, reflection and practice to ensure every leader develops both their own authentic leadership style and the techniques they need to succeed.

  • Leadership coaching

    One-to-one and teams.

    We provide practical guidance to improve leadership communication and achieve sustained behaviour change.

  • Learning programmes

    Enhancing knowledge and sharpening skills.

    There is no end to learning, making it a continuous path. The more that’s embraced, the greater the journey.

  • Presenter coaching

    Building confidence to elevate delivery.

    We help to give you confidence in your voice, to know your movement and believe in the value of your content.

leadership is a practice which no one ever truly masters

Like medicine, meditation, and the martial arts – we are always learning


Our Leadership Effectiveness coaching programmes are designed around five core principles:


Designed for busy people


Unabashed enthusiasm for improvement


Go deep for real change


No abstractions

Plain language

Avoid buzzwords that mean nothing

"We provide practical guidance to improve leadership communication and achieve sustained behaviour change."

– Tim Ferguson, CEO, Audience

taking leadership online

Six months, six themes

Our online leadership programme and dedicated platform has been designed to provide practical guidance to improve leadership communication and achieve sustained behaviour change.

Each month of our online leadership programme focuses on a specific area of leadership

The themes are progressive, building a core skill set over time. The content is customised for you, but the overall structure remains the same.

At the end of the six month journey, you will have a library of new material, a notebook which acts as a personal leadership guide and manifesto, and approximately 42 hours of practice and coaching to build on. The content is presented in a coherent online learning journey with complimentary exercises and resources to optimise learning over time.


Monthly catch up call
To evaluate progress, answer questions, provide a sounding board and refine the program.

Communication skills workouts
Live or virtual sessions to focus on specific topics.


Leadership links
Podcasts, videos, articles from thought leaders to inspire new behaviour aligned to the exercises.

Book recommendations
A list of relevant works will be provided and adapted according to needs.


“What to do”
Daily, weekly and monthly activities you can do in less than 30 minutes with nothing more than your notebook.

Social learning
Share experiences and problem solve on discussion forums. Meet virtually with a partner to hold each other accountable.


Preparation for real upcoming presentations or conversations.

Onsite support
Join live events to help with final preparations and observe the presentation for feedback.

Focusing on yourself, your team and your wider community, we take you on a learning journey from your Values, Vision to your Legacy as a Leader.

Giving you confidence in your voice

We help to give you confidence in your voice and believe in the power of your message. Just imagine… presenting, even to a laptop, really can be enjoyable.

Our proven presenter coaching techniques help to focus and deliver an engaging and memorable presentation by analysing the essential components: audience, content and presenter.


We work together to help you:

Analyse your audience

Utilise video, slides and visuals

Clarify your objectives

Control nervousness

Customise your content

Facilitate Q&A

By working in a collaborative, supportive and open way we take you from 'talk-through' to 'stumble-through' to 'run-through', leaving you feeling confident and prepared to engage any audience on any physical or virtual stage.

If we all slowed down, thought more, read more, and talked more, we’d do more without working more.

Tim Ferguson


Embracing my talents for relationship building, I am the crazy glue that holds the team together!

Sacha McCollum

Operations Coordinator

Great leaders are great learners. Sharing knowledge and experience with others helps us to grow.

Dan Newman

Global Head Creative & Design

A fresh perspective

We believe everyone can benefit if we all share our collective leadership experiences and insights. Take a look at our perspectives page to learn more.

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