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As a global communications agency built around our shared passion for creative excellence and inspiring meaningful change, we're looking for the best thinkers, creators, storytellers, and change agents to join our fast-growing team.
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We elevate meeting and events to make experiences that matter

Whether the meeting purpose is to align strategic initiatives, deepen skills, build knowledge or create team connections, effectiveness is achieved by creating real meeting value. This value is for employees, the organisation and the end purpose.

We inspire and motivate audiences in meaningful ways to foster a change in behaviours and mindsets

We design meetings and events to be distinctive, memorable learning journeys. Using connectivity and collaboration we bring teams closer together and cultivate stronger communities.

We challenge meeting agendas to deliver deep employee engagement

We design the journey to captivate audiences and carefully craft the experience to blend the right balance of listening, learning, collaboration, participation, connectivity and interaction.

Success = a new energy in employees
that drives meaningful change beyond the meeting itself

meeting purpose + connectivity + energy = meaningful change

Meeting design

Creating real engagement. Virtual or in person, requires careful planning, content creation and rehearsals. We’re with our clients every step of the way as we make sure delivery and audience experience are exemplary.

Agenda development

Aligned with your objectives. We apply a structured “audience-centric” approach to meeting design to help you engage and inspire your people and take a step closer to realising your business objectives.

Content development and design

Bringing your content to life. We help create the right story for conveying your content and connecting with your audience. Our Content Managers, Creative Directors, Writers and Designers work with you to generate inspirational and captivating content that works harder and smarter.

Presenter Coaching

Confidence in your voice. Whether in-person or remotely, successful live delivery needs rehearsal. We help you build on your individual strengths and style to deliver a presentation that packs a punch. We offer individual training and guidance as well as technical rehearsals to ensure comfort and agility if you’re working with multiple digital platforms.

Virtual meetings


A time of disruption creates a time for change and discovery

As we re-orientate our perspective to new virtual ways of working, the focus on being connected has never been more important.
Virtual enables frequency of communication, ease of connectivity and the ability to share a wealth of information with global teams across the world, at the touch of a button.


“Objectives have remained the same. It’s just a matter of adapting the strategy to our virtual delivery channels.”

– Paula Pescador, Regional Director, Americas

making the most of virtual

Virtual creates opportunities to take meetings and events in a whole new direction


We optimise the capabilities of virtual to re-imagine a totally different employee experience.

  • We use the power of virtual to encourage collaboration for cross-functional teams, effortlessly and easily, without the cost of travel and CO2 emissions.
  • We design icebreaker activities, team building and problem-solving breakouts. We initiate openness in forums to encourage closer conversations and enable stronger relationships to be built.
  • We devise fun approaches for meaningful networking to allows teams to better get to know each other.


We design for the virtual environment

We partner with innovative virtual platforms to deliver new and reimagined spaces where attendees are taken on a journey which is carefully timed to hold and sustain engagement. We provide insights based on tried and tested formats to ascertain the optimum time for plenary sessions, breakouts, rest breaks and networking.


We can help you navigate better virtual meetings

Digital communication is already part of everyday business culture. However the effectiveness of virtual meetings is a direct result of individuals virtual performance and readiness.

We can support your teams to better prepare their virtual meetings, ensure employee readiness in the digital space, increase content engagement and ensure meeting effectiveness.

Audience-centric meetings

Live, hybrid or virtual, we can help you to deliver effective and valued meetings and events by focusing on three core ingredients: Purpose, People and Partnership.

Memorable experiences are created by participation and emotion. Virtual is no different.

Catherine Fitzsimon

Managing Director, APAC

We aim to challenge creative thinking with everything we do!

Vimal Raja

Graphic Designer

The frequency of virtual events has increased dramatically making internal initiatives stronger, deeper and broader.

Andrew Basham

Managing Director, UK

A unique perspective

The Audience team is both knowledgeable and passionate about the fields we work in. From creative and strategic direction to production, facilitation, content development and creative direction, we're at the forefront of what’s new and what’s next in meeting and event design.

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