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Unlocking expertise

We deliver carefully constructed and facilitated workshops paired with targeted consultancy to ensure you are releasing the full potential of your people and your business.

It’s never been a more important time to effectively engage with employees

Workshop design: unleashing the power of teams

We deliver carefully constructed and facilitated workshops to unlock new ideas and harness the power of your teams’ creativity. By tapping into the collective expertise and engaging with attendees as active participants, our creative and interactive workshops help you to make the most use of your precious time together.

All of our workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs, including – but not limited to – Business Planning, Design Thinking, Team Development, Train the Trainer, Communication & Presentation Skills.

Unique, interactive, and results-oriented

All of our workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our workshop teams have the right experience and subject knowledge to maximise engagement from the participant and value for you.

We design and facilitate workshops across broad-ranging topics. From brand and business planning, business simulation through to design thinking, we tackle the toughest topics. Our team development, communication and presentation skills workshops make sure teams are ready for the high-stakes meetings from senior management to investors. More specific needs are also addressed including customer and patient interactions or train-the-trainer sessions.

All of our workshops can be designed to function on their own or to complement each other.

By tapping into your collective expertise our workshops enable you to focus on improving your business outcomes.

Laura Brooks


Everyone has a story to tell.

Tim Ferguson


Working with an amazing team and global clients, in a small but international city, keeps me inspired.

Daisy Sharp

Account Director


From creative and strategic direction to production, facilitation, content management and graphic design, we’re at the forefront of what’s new and what’s next. By offering different perspectives we can help you to elevate your communication to inspire, engage and motivate your audience.

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