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We opened our global HQ in Basel so we could offer unparalleled support to our clients in the city and across the region and to experience the joys of living in the heart of Europe.
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Why Basel?

We came to Basel originally because of one individual client. We knew him from a Canadian affiliate, so when he was promoted to a global role, he wanted our help again. We quickly fell in love with Switzerland so to support the growing number of meetings and events, we decided to open an office in the city of Basel. Today, our headquarters are located in the vibrant heart of the city known as a global centre of arts, finance, science and manufacturing.

Rhine swimming is a summer tradition you won’t forget. Just bring your Wickelfisch and enjoy.

It’s hard to line up a job you love and make a living. Audience gave me that chance and I hope to do the same for our team.

Tim Ferguson

CEO, Audience

With an amazing team and global clients, in a small but international city, I'm inspired to never stop challenging myself.

Daisy Sharp

Account Director

Get in touch with our EMEA team in Basel

Dominic Kaye is our Account Manager in Basel. He’d be more than happy to talk to you about how we can work together. Please feel free to give him a call:

Hutgasse 6 Basel 4001, Switzerland
+41 61 261 00 93
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