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The Audience story began right here in Toronto in 1993 and we are still writing new chapters today.
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Where the story began ...

Audience was born out of an idea that we could use our marketing communications experience to help organisations engage, motivate, inform and create meaningful change for their employees and their many audiences. We called it 'invertising'.

A global team

In these 25 years, we have worked hard to live up to our name. Since then we have opened doors in Switzerland, the UK and Singapore to better support our global clients.

“Diversity is our strength” is our city’s motto. Of course it is! Toronto is the home to 250 ethnicities and well over 170 spoken languages.

Get in touch with our Americas team in Toronto

The city of our birth, over 25 years ago. If you’d like a local contact to talk to about working together, please give MD for the Americas, Paula Pescador, a call:

240 Richmond Street West Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1V6
+1 416 703 3737 x2020
+1 416 703 3737
A passionate creative team