We elevate communication to create meaningful change

We are meeting designers who specialise in audience engagement

Our mission is to truly engage the audience. By elevating meeting and event experiences we deliver tangible business results for our clients and meaningful value for their audiences.

Targeted and tangible results

With deep-rooted expertise and know-how, we inspire effective, purposeful conversations that take our clients and their teams where they want to go – with targeted and tangible results.

Meeting experience

Our unique audience approach

By anchoring to the audience's perspective, we help our clients challenge how they think about content, delivery, and design.


Face-to-face, virtual, hybrid or multi-hub, we design meetings and events to be distinctive, memorable learning journeys.

We use connectivity and collaboration to bring teams closer together to cultivate stronger communities and create real impact.

Audience experience journey

Experience journey

meeting purpose + connectivity + energy = meaningful change

We challenge meeting agendas to deliver deep audience engagement

We design the journey to captivate audiences and carefully craft the experience to blend the right balance of listening, learning, collaboration, participation connectivity and interaction.

Success = new energy in your audience that drives meaningful change beyond the meeting itself

Meeting design

Creating real engagement. Virtual or in person, requires careful planning, content creation and rehearsals. We’re with our clients every step of the way as we make sure delivery and audience experience are exemplary.

Agenda development

Aligned with your objectives. We apply a structured “audience-centric” approach to meeting design to help you engage and inspire your people and take a step closer to realising your business objectives.

Content development and design

Bringing your content to life. We help create the right story for conveying your content and connecting with your audience. Our Content Managers, Creative Directors, Writers and Designers work with you to generate inspirational and captivating content that works harder and smarter.

Presenter Coaching

Confidence in your voice. Whether in-person or remotely, successful live delivery needs rehearsal. We help you build on your individual strengths and style to deliver a presentation that packs a punch. We offer individual training and guidance as well as technical rehearsals to ensure comfort and agility if you’re working with multiple digital platforms.
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