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Looking for meaningful and relevant content focused on technology, creativity, and virtual design? Look no further! We know content is king, so we’ve done the hard work for you by selecting some of our favourite innovations from around the world.

This week, Rebecca takes us on a tour of imaginative ways to create extraordinary audience experiences, because as she says, “You never know when something you’ve seen, stored in the back of your mind, might spark an idea that transforms your event into something truly different with that added magic.”


Le Petit Chef

Projection mapping is a technique usually associated with large videos projected onto buildings. Le Petit Chef is projection mapping scaled down to fit onto a restaurant table – telling the story of a tiny animated chef who brings the meal to life.


Le Petit Chef

Prepare to be amazed!




The level of realism and scale that can now be created with digital displays means they are no longer just backgrounds. They can be used to impress, entertain, overwhelm, create an emotion and tell a story, transforming the atmosphere and mood of a building or interior.



This one from South Korea is a sight to behold!



21st century fireworks

Integrating art, science and technology, drone light shows provide an innovative format to tell a story in the sky and create spectacular aerial art. Whilst drones have been with us for a few years now, as companies push the technology and the computer algorithms to integrate pyrotechnics and laser technology it seems imagination is the only limit.


21<sup>st</sup> century fireworks

Get ready for take-off!



Build it and they will come

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Minecraft was used by a school headteacher to build his school campus in the game, brick for brick, room for room. It allowed new students to explore their new environment before attending in the autumn, without the restrictions of following a pre-filmed video.


Build it and they will come

School is most definitely in!



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Published September 2020

Rebecca Wisden

Graphic Designer

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