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With the prospect of more time stuck at home ahead of us, we sent our Creative Team off on a journey of discovery, with a simple brief: free your mind and think big! We asked them to imagine ‘What if…?’ What if there were no restrictions on budget, resources, time or imagination when planning a virtual event.

This is what they came up with – and we’re sharing it with you first. If you’re looking for something truly new, innovative and fun with the wow factor for your events and meetings this year, you’re in the right place.


Stuck at home with no chance to meet in person?
Bring the event to your attendees!

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality

You imagine it, we make it happen. From new products to virtual meeting rooms and even buildings. You ship the goggles and we’ll take care of the rest as part of your theme. Share an experience from the comfort of your living room or home office.


 Send in the drones

Send in the drones

Need a big opening scene to kick off your meeting? Who needs a video when you’ve got a live camera feed from a drone! A new perspective on a familiar place.


Cheeky challenge

Cheeky challenge (Taskmaster)

Set pairs or individuals an in-person challenge. We’ll film what happens so you can bring it all together for a shared experience. Fun in person and fun on film!

           Build it lab

Build it lab

Challenge your teamwork and communication skills as you instruct our lab worker on how to build something (e.g flatpack furniture) The worker is safely in a workspace with all the pieces and the tools to do the job. You and your team have the instructions. Through our live camera feed, you can see them and they can hear you. What could possibly go wrong?!


Build it and race it

Build it and race it!

In part one you’ll guide our lab worker to build your racing machine. In part two you’ll steer it out on a track using remote control!


Get close, but not too close 
with our in-person options

Zorb scavenger hunt

Zorb scavenger hunt

Make sure everyone keeps their distance as you get out and about exploring your local area in a massive, transparent sphere!


Drive-in experience

Drive-in experience

Enjoy a full on-stage, in-person experience in the safe bubble of your car. With snacks and drinks delivered to your door, and the ability to interact remotely between cars, it will feel like you’re out – even when you’re in. What a night!


Happy to stay home in front of your screen and experiment and explore?

If that’s what drives your group, we’ve got these gems for those who love to click...

Mural festival

Mural festival

We’ll design and build your personalised Mural experience for a self-select festival of fun and work. From deciding what to wear to activating your backstage passes, this is a virtual journey your team will love.


For gaming gurus

For gaming gurus

With a gaming themed event, we’ll deliver team kit and colours direct to their door and provide cool virtual backdrops for interactive exercises. And don’t forget the game itself! With time to get in and play for points, you’ll move up through the levels with a chance to show what makes you tick as a team. Controllers at the ready!


Don't hate the player

Don’t hate the player…

Since early 2020, a virus has been dictating how we live our lives. Let’s take back control by changing the rules of popular games and reimagining how they could work in our new world. Guaranteed to stimulate creativity and teamwork as well as sharpen your competitive edge. In your face, COVID!

with a

And when we’re able to be back together… let’s make sure we’re back with a bang!

If any of these virtual, physical or digital options have inspired you, feel free to challenge our team to come up with something HUGE to celebrate your return to reality. We’re here for you and we’re ready to think BIG!


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