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Deep Work

If Cal Newport can’t convince us to spend more time offline and to create tracts of distraction free work time nobody can.

33 minute listen

Listen to Deep Work

Curious Minds


This Curious Minds interview is powerful and persuasive. The author claims the word “priority” had no plural form until the Industrial Revolution. It meant “comes prior to” and you could have only one. His theory is a compelling call to action against distraction, interruption, and busyness!

45 minute listen

Listen to Achieving More by Choosing Less

Curious Minds

Atomic Habits

James Clear offers granular guidance for starting good habits and ending poor ones. He takes the pressure off by showing the significance of starting small… His ideas include “Master the art of showing up”, the “two-minute rule” (create the two min version of the habit you would like to form), … and “Think of identity vs habits” (What kind of person do you want to be? In this situation, what would a person like that do?). He’s the productivity guru who doesn’t make you feel bad about your current state.

59 minute listen

Listen to Making and Breaking Habits

Curious Minds

Creating Time for Things that Matter

This interview is with John Zeratsky (the author of Sprint) about taking control of your personal agenda for a more productive, enriching and sane life. So many great techniques and overarching philosophy. I found him equally inspiring and practical.

46 minute listen

Listen to Creating Time for Things that Matter

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Published August 2020

Tim Ferguson


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