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Head, Heart and Hands

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How do you tailor your message so that it meets the diverse needs of an audience?

In this episode of Mental Models to Elevate Your Communication, Tim talks about the ‘Head, Heart and Hands’ model that appeals to different audiences.

When communicating a message, you don’t want it to be just “double ticked”. Your message should not only be successfully delivered, but it should also be well understood for it to serve a purpose. And you can do that only if you’re speaking the language of your audience.

But what do you do when your audience is made up of people with different preferences? How do you create content that reaches a diverse audience need?

Enter: The ‘Head, Heart and Hands’ model. Watch the video as Tim explains how you can use this thoughtful, yet playful exploration of ways people consume content. Strategically create content by conveying your message in different ways to achieve your end goal. Bring your presentations to life by mixing up this model in a way that suits your audience.

Published November 2021

Tim Ferguson


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