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As part of our month de l'amour, we asked the question: What do you love about what you do?

Big things are happening. Many of us are still feeling the pandemic pressure and we would be forgiven for losing a sense of proportion, perspective and forgetting about life’s small pleasures. As we all try to get through the day in our personal lives and support our clients in our working lives, we realised that – as a team – we needed to reconnect with ourselves and the small things we love about what we do.

In order to rekindle the connection to our passion, we decided to pause, take a step back, breathe and reflect. When big things are happening, the small things become an anchor. Below are our teams reflections on the anchors that connect them to what they love about what they do at Audience.

Whatever is happening in your world, we hope our team’s reflections will inspire you to reconnect with what you love about what you do.



What do you LOVE about what you do?

I LOVE my mix and match: I’ve moved in a direction I never thought I would, learned many new things – and there is so much more ahead of me – but I am also able to offer my specific knowledge to bring more value to the team and our clients. Senada

I like brainstorming… but what I really LOVE is taking all those ideas written on stickies or typed on virtual post-its and making sense of it all. Creating a simple and clear document that pulls together all those ideas that gives meaning, purpose and direction to what our team wants to achieve together. Catherine

I LOVE meeting new people, whether virtually or in-person. I LOVE to hear people’s stories and I LOVE to help people to tell them. New connections give fresh perspectives and I get to see each day in a different way through someone else’s view. Dan H

I LOVE surprising people with an out of the box idea or something inspirational I’ve seen and watching this spark ignite into something wonderful. Rebecca

I LOVE those moments in co-creation sessions with our clients where so many ideas fly and then come together to form an exciting and creative solution or approach. It’s always a pleasure to be seen as a partner along their journey to creating a meaningful and impactful experience for their teams. Bethan

I LOVE supporting the team to be the best they can be all in the pursuit of us developing and delivering projects for Clients that make a real difference to them and their business – in other words creating meaningful change! Andrew

I LOVE working with people. I LOVE being able to create a space where everyone has a voice to share, contribute and take action. I LOVE it when we can all bring our whole self to everything we do without reservation. Paula

I LOVE discussing new projects with a client, asking questions to understand the audience needs and finding the best approach with the team to meet theirs expectations. Nathalie

I LOVE going from imagination to actuality – making the intangible tangible. Everything we create starts from a conversation, or a few words written on a piece of paper, or a fleeting thought. Taking these seeds of creativity and making them an engaging piece of work is, for me, one of the most satisfying aspects of what we do as communication experts, and as human beings. Nick

I LOVE that I feel like a little Santa's elf working in the background to help our Audience Stars. Elsa

I LOVE cooking: I LOVE the freshness of the ingredients, mixing flavours, the process and the journey from field to plate. And this is exactly what I LOVE about what we do at Audience: the diversity of our partners, colleagues and projects, the mixing and blending of perspectives, the transformative journey from basic concepts to brilliant events and campaigns that we know create meaningful change for somebody. Like great food, I just can’t get enough! Cyril

I LOVE the word creativity as it means something different to everyone. For me, creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity has the ability to perceive the world in new ways, make connections and generate solutions. Vimal



Audience Loves



I LOVE seeing the final “result” at the end of a long project journey. Especially if it’s a live event (Virtual or face-to-face). Seeing the stage and slide design live, together with hundreds of attendees gives me goosebumps every time :) Kathrin

I LOVE solving problems and I love creating things, stepping back when we’ve hit the nail on the head and cracked whatever challenge we’ve been wrestling with. It’s hugely satisfying to look at what we can achieve as a team and be able to say “we did that”. Dan N

I LOVE the diversity in my role. My support extends across all functions which allows me to connect with everyone on the global team, and truly understand every corner of our business. Coming up with solutions to improve our ways of working, and help our team put their best foot forward is what drives me every day! Sacha

I LOVE learning other people's perspective and knowing that there are more than one way to skin a cat: that the solution making process we all contribute is inherently influenced by our individual identities and yet the issues we face unites us and amplifies that we are truly a diversified global organisation. Jacu

I LOVE that my work aligns with my values... it's truly inspiring to work at a company that displays authenticity and integrity, maintains a high-regard for quality, collaboration and creativity; supports my development ambitions, shares THE BEST reading lists and has GRIT, digging deep and transforming when the industry (and the world) is flipped upside-down. Christi

I LOVE culture! We work in a super busy but creative agency, where honestly all my colleagues get on. We all get involved and get the job done, even if its not our responsibility. Its a truly collaborative environment and after years working in many agencies this one has nailed it! Laura

I LOVE working with people both one-on-one and in teams. Whether it is a coaching relationship, supporting our team, putting on a huge event, running rehearsals or creating a communication strategy, the key for me is helping others succeed. Tim

I LOVE to inspire... a creative perspective, a different approach. Evoke curiosity and intrigue and help to tell powerful stories that create real meaning and value. Elaine

I LOVE being part of a company that truly listens to each client’s visions and mirrors that into beautifully creative virtual or face-to-face events. Looking forward to adding more meaningful change into future events! Rosa

I LOVE that no single day is ever the same. From the expertise we are asked to deliver, to the topics we address and the variety of businesses we support. Every day needs fresh thinking, new ideas and different ways to look at things. Lisa


Love Love Love

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