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Virtual experience, face-to-face meeting or hybrid event? COVID-19 continues to fundamentally challenge and change the way we live and the way we work.

Countries working in lockdown are now devising, and where possible, implementing plans to enable people to return to life as normal, but what will the new normal look like?

We have taken the opportunity to step back and reflect.

While there is still a great deal people don’t know, what is clear to us, is that the new normal will be a different future to the one we had planned for just a few months ago. We believe people’s decisions in relation to internal engagement and communication will be commanded by what they know, and what they recognise about the things they don’t know.

We have prepared a report to help you make informed decisions about communications plans and the options that lie ahead, you can download a copy here >

From virtual, to hybrid, to face-to-face events, we can guide you thought the through process of creating communications plans that will hold for the immediate and foreseeable future.

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Published July 2020

Lisa Ross-Magenty

Client Services Director

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