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Today’s workplace is very different from what it was a couple of years back and it’s in a state of constant evolution that’s been accelerating dramatically since the pandemic. Remote working used to be an exception but became the norm in 2020. The hybrid workplace looks set to be the future of work, with a mix of remote work and in-office work. These recent changes in our ways of working have had a major impact on the way individuals are perceiving work and work-life integration. With the boundaries between work and life becoming more blurred it’s not surprising that people are feeling exhausted and burnt out.

At Audience, we are working with a variety of teams and organisations across different industries and a common characteristic that arose in the past months is the feeling of being in back-to-back meetings and the stress that this provokes. Most of our interlocutors are struggling with time management, prioritisation and well-being.

creating meaningful change

With our mantra of “creating meaningful change”, we reflected on the current situation, the impact of the pandemic and how we, as individuals, coped with it. Due to our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we rapidly realised that most of us have personal tools and techniques that help us stay afloat. By simply authentically sharing them, we opened doors for each other to feel better and make a small improvement in our daily lives. If this worked for us, why not for our clients?

CalmRoom to breathe

Tim Ferguson, our CEO, suggested that we create a specific workshop, not business-related, but focusing on team well-being through the lens of what we believe are connected pieces: the body, the mind and the spirit. After some brainstorming sessions, we came up with the concept of the “Power Hour”, a one hour virtual and interactive workshop designed to teach you about habits and how healthy habits can support us in the long run, because this pandemic is a marathon, not a sprint!

How do you build healthier habits? The Power Hour is a great mix between the theory and the practice: we hope you’ll come out of it refreshed and recharged.

We want to offer breathing room to our clients through the Power Hour, let them experiment with something new, that can not only help them in their professional lives but in their personal lives too. How many times do you stop to reflect on what makes you feel good? When do you take the time to unplug and rest?

body, mind and spirit

We ran the workshop internally, got constructive feedback, reiterated and produced different versions of it. Our theory content is the same and we are trying to adapt each session based on our clients’ needs.

It is only by practising and getting feedback that we can improve! As an example, we realised after a couple of sessions that we love to see people’s reactions during the workshop. So instead of sharing “slides”, we decided to transform our content into “sides”, keeping each speaker full screen during their presentation, while participants see digestible content like images on the side of the screen, shared via the chat.

SidesAudience 'sides'

This made a huge difference in our workshop delivery, and it was very well received!

If you are not convinced yet, let us give you a sneak peek of what to expect during the session:

Habit Loop Icon

Understand a habit loop
and how to change it

Chair Yoga Icon

Yoga at your desk:
simple moves to energise your body

Mind Icon

Tips and tricks to
take care of your mind

Spirit Icon

Techniques to
uplift your spirit

And all of that delivered interactively while engaging participants and hear from them about the changes they were able to make in their life or are willing to make!

"Fantastic session … thank you very much!"

"Excellent session. Physical exercise tips and mental and spiritual tips quite helpful."

"Thank you so much! Great presentation and energy!"


If you are interested in learning more about the Power Hour or if you think it can help your team please reach out to Nathalie > 

Published June 2021

Nathalie Eyfried

Senior Account Manager

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