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In some geographies, restrictions are being lifted while in others they are being reinforced. In either case, the role of the leader remains the same.

No matter where you are in the lockdown cycle you need to be authentic and connections with your team need to be reinforced. It is time to go beyond the Zoom meeting as a way to accomplish this. Here are three simple techniques to stay connected without getting on a call together:


Share links to content you find interesting and relevant to your business. Podcasts and TED Talks are a good place to start. Next time you catch up you will have something to talk about.

Stay connected – link


Make a podcast of your own. Interview a member of the team about remote best practices and distribute to the wider team to listen at their own pace. Call a panel of customers together to share their experiences with your team.

Stay connected – podcast


Create a chat channel for nothing but humour and goofing off. Think of it as a virtual water cooler.

Stay connected – laugh

The potential tactics are endless. The key strategic insight is you don’t always need to be together to be connected. We will all remember where we were in the days of COVID-19. Help ensure the bonds shared by your team are varied, meaningful, human, and strong.

Stay connected. Stay safe. Stay strong.


Published October 2020

Tim Ferguson


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