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As managers and leaders we all face two challenges posed by COVID-19 lockdown: one, how to effectively engage remote workers and two, how to benefit from the crisis by improving the way we work when we can co-locate again. This selection of podcasts and TED Talks will help leaders to maximize their effectiveness in dealing with both of these challenges.

Leading Through a Crisis Day by Day

Leading Through a Crisis Day by Day

This one is quick and punchy. If we are going to “bounce forward” from COVID-19 as leaders, we need to move beyond managing the current situation to looking ahead and shaping the future.

11 minute listen

Listen to Leading Through a Crisis Day by Day

How to Lead a Virtual Team

How to Lead a Virtual Team with Susan Gerke

This offers practical guidance from someone who has coached leaders in managing virtual teams since 1995. She covers 1-on-1s, staying connected broadly, setting new communication norms, better appreciating processing styles (important with no commutes!), check-ins vs check-ups, and more.

38 minute listen

Listen to How to Lead a Virtual Team with Susan Gerke


RSA Animate - Re-Imagining Work

One area where we can all innovate in as leaders is how we work. The COVID mass experiment in remote working has shattered all sorts of myths, revealed unexpected opportunities, and uncovered obstacles that might not have been obvious. Let’s use what we have learned to our advantage to shape the new normal. This brilliant short video sparkles with insights and ideas.

9 minute watch

Watch Re-Imagining Work


The secret to great opportunities? The person you haven’t met yet.

Some say we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. If we are going to lead innovation we need to meet some new people, and ensure our teams are enriching their networks. When we go back to working at the office, our daily routines and habits will largely determine the number of new ideas and opportunities we are exposed to. I suggest we take this opportunity to ask what travelling in our social universe should look like if we are committed to leading innovation. This funny, honest, insightful and inspiring TED Talk gives practical guidance for creating “unpredictable diversity” in our social world.

14 minute watch

Watch The secret to great opportunities? The person you haven’t met yet.

Ten Percent Happier

Why We’re All Grieving – And How To Deal With It

Grief is being felt widely and deeply in the population today. As leaders we need to keep ourselves strong and help our teams be strong. This interview with a grief expert is helpful on both counts. Those interested in mindfulness will be particularly interested in this one.

43 minute listen

Listen to Why We’re All Grieving – And How To Deal With It

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Published August 2020

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