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Helping our clients deliver on a greater purpose

We are a global communication and events agency working with some of the largest healthcare and life science companies in the industry, helping to shape meaningful change.

Creating greater impact across three core pillars



To navigate and drive change, leaders not only need the ability to deal with uncertainty and respond to change but also the skills to recognise and anticipate the opportunities, taking others with them on new and unknown paths.



Embedding positive change requires new mindsets, new connections, new behaviours and new ways of working. It has to be tangible and applicable, enabling everyone to take ownership and drive it forward.


Climate, health & equity

Climate change is the biggest public health crisis facing humanity, and solving it requires key consideration from the healthcare and pharma industry. As well as the risks and opportunities climate change poses on their business, organisations need to identify the role they can play in driving positive change.

Effecting change at every level

Making a difference

Audience's growing success is a result of our passionate people, aligned with our mission to help organisations shape meaningful change, making the world a better place.

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Meet the team

Together, we are a winning team with cognitive diversity that sets us apart, challenging the status quo with original thinking, insight, creativity and thought leadership.

A worldwide presence

Our global team is strategically positioned across Europe, the Americas and Asia, allowing us to collaborate closely with our clients' global teams. ​


We offer a global reach and perspective while infusing our partnerships with a unique blend of local expertise, knowledge, and cultural sensibility.

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Providing flexibility, commitment and stability for our clients for over 30 years.


Positioned to match the geographies of our clients: Europe, the Americas and Asia.


Specialists and partners, which enables us to tailor our expertise and talent to our client's needs.

11 Nationalities

A multi-lingual and multi-cultural team.


Integrated tailored solutions delivered in 2023.

1 Mission

To help our clients deliver on a greater purpose.


Are you maximising your culture of continuous learning?

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